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Hello Friends,
It’s AndroidGanesh App,
We are working on Android API, we’ll shortly update this app with Scheduler.

You can directly contact us by comments on this page.


  1. I don’t know how to get my mms… I don’t know where they are

    • it store backup file in sdcard

      path is mnt/sdcard/MMSBackup/ur_backup_file_name

      for restore you can put backup file in mnt/ sdcard/MMSBackup/ur_backup_file_name or in mnt/sdcard/

      • URAIWAN permalink

        I don’t know how to get my mms… I don’t know where they are

  2. Regina permalink


  3. ANGELICAPEREZ permalink


  4. muhammad rofiq permalink

    Mms d hpq gk bs d wat ngrim foto n pesan lainx

  5. Pete permalink

    How can we view the files in windows, specifically the mms with time stamp.

  6. Lucia permalink

    I can’n send MMS

  7. gustavo permalink

    I dont know how to get my mms…

  8. wojciech permalink

    used this app to backup my mms.trying to recover but it doesnt find my MMS file.i checked with file explorer and i hav the files at mnt/sdcard/MMSBackup/Mms/mmsDir/MMS but app cant find it.
    what can i do?

  9. Hey ik ben amaru ik heb geprobeerd om mijn mms fotos terug te downloaden maar het lukt niet echt zou mij iemand kunnen helpen aub?? Groetjes amaru

  10. mohd redzuan bin joekifli permalink

    I dot no how to get my mms..i dot no where they are

  11. donato permalink

    Fuer sicherung

  12. Vima Oddleif permalink

    Your app dosen’t work for samsung galaxay s2. It just restores the next, not the images.
    Do you plan to fix this bug soon? I would be verry greatful!

  13. ليت زمن يرحع

  14. chris permalink


  15. this is the first liquor store tht accually has everything i need when i go there

  16. show permalink

    test be do

  17. This is fabulous

  18. Open mms and red

  19. Tristeza Rodriguez permalink

    Nice but its hard for me Cuzco I dnt even the difference n the SMS MMS. Idnt kno much YET but I like it

  20. I have two Metro PCS phones,one is a Android Samsung Admire and the other is a Huawei M636. I have forgotten the password to it. Need help retrieving it.

  21. sachin permalink

    I like your soft…

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