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Hello Friends,
It’s AndroidGanesh App,
We are working on Android API, we’ll shortly update this app with MMS and Scheduler.

You can directly contact us by comments on this page.


  1. Maria grogan permalink

    I downloaded your app & backed up my texts/sms but now I can’t find where they are! I thought it backed up to my email or gmail, but I don’t see them.

    • @Maria grogan,

      it store backup file in sdcard

      path is mnt/sdcard/SMSBackup/ur_backup_file_name

      one more thing can it list in restore tab, if then it will be on above path

      you can check it by any file explorer s/w

      if you have used sendmail option from restore tab, then it will be also in your email a/c.

      for restore you can put backup file in mnt/sdcard/SMSBackup/ or in mnt/sdcard/

  2. apurva permalink


  3. wijakajaal permalink

    I really like this app.
    Is there a paid for version that will remove the ads?
    Is it possible to change the colour from green?


    • @wijakajaal thanks for your kind response
      shortly I ll update it. where I ll give you more options like(Theme change,mms backup, contact backup etc)
      and it ll free :).


  4. David J. permalink

    Tried using your app. It save in sdcard area. But can’t open or view the file. I wanted to transfer the file to my computer as well. How can I do these things as I need them for court proceedings in transcript form. Will each message be date/time stamped.
    The mobile I use is the HTC Sensation XL.
    Thank you.

  5. brandi saunders permalink

    i changed phones so how do i get my backup account files videos pics texts mms sms contacts messages i had everything saved there plz tell me how to get it on my new phone thanks

    • Hi Brandi saunders
      1) install app in new device,
      2) past backup files in sdcard/phone memory
      3) start app it ll shows list of backup files available in you phone
      4) and just restore it

      Hope it ll help you

  6. brandi saunders permalink

    i changed phones how do i gt my backup files to my new phone HEEEELP PLZ

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